On-Time Software
Automated Software Development
On Time, On Budget
On-Time Software, Inc.
We manage the complete software development life-cyle and more.
  1. Design, Development, and Testing
  2. System Monitoring and Support
  3. Consulting
What We Do
We listen to your needs.
We started in Chicago and the Silicon Valley in 1984 and have been innovating and developing standards of excellence ever since.  We have mastered the software development life-cycle and have developed automation techniques that begin with design and extend through development and into on-going support and maintenance of the finished product.  We deliver high quality custom products on time and on budget.
Our Team
We're here for you.
  1. Cameron Shaffer
    Cam has been intimately involved in the computer science universe since 1974. He has designed, developed, tested, and supported numerous software systems throughout his career. He has extensive experience working with customers and assessing their requirements and creating end user solutions that work.
  2. William English
    Bill has had a long and distinguished career as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and technologist. His experience in development methodologies, programming languages, and data processing disciplines is vast and comprehensive . He can solve any problem and gets things done.
  3. Raunell Packwood
    Raunell is pure scientist. She handles the day to day problems around the office of a software development company in a logical, straightforward manner. She has no peers within our organization.